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The Trending Issue

A – Activism Hey, what can we say? It’s a weird world out there right now, and Columbus, long a haven for active progressives has spent 2017 taking to the streets in Trump’s America. Whether…

Made in Columbus

Look, Christmas shopping isn’t hard, per se. Anyone can make a last-minute trip to your neighborhood big box and find something in every aisle that makes sense to buy for your favorite folks. But, the…

Make Columbus Great Again

We love Columbus. You love Columbus. But when rent is starting to hit many’s personal economic ceiling and your city is still named after an increasingly despised tyrant, you’ve still got a ways to go….

Ruth Milligan and her daughter Maggie fold socks for Maggie's Matches, which donates hundreds of socks to the homeless every year.

Little Big Projects

While children her age might have visions of sugar plums and PS4s dancing in their heads, this Christmas, Maggie Daiber will be occupied with thoughts of something entirely different: Socks. It started with a simple question from…

Photographed by Chris Casella and Nick Fancher

Why I Came Back

These days, there’s much brighter lights in our little big city. Long-gone are the days of Columbus hemorrhaging creative talent, as the magic of Midwest hospitality and low cost of living has now merged with…

Illustration by Katie Hamill

Rise of the Gamers

This is the age of the video game. Once consigned to youth and a subset of hardcore enthusiasts, gaming has spent four decades growing and spreading its reach to become a bona fide part of…

Photos by Chris Casella

Superheroes Among Us

They have mostly lived in our imaginations, manifested only in comic books, TV shows, and movies as mutants given extra-human abilities, or aliens exiled to Earth, or skilled warriors aided by advanced gadgetry. Lately they…

Jason Joseph Photography

Love at the Top

Everyone needs love, and so there’s a reason why certain people are gonna need people like Nicci Sprouse. Despite the wellspring of dating apps and websites over the last decade, Sprouse has remained unplugged, searching…

Body of War

War is never over, or so they say. Though war as a global phenomenon, as a human condition, does not appear to be losing strength, individual wars do end, as do tours of combat. Yet…

Photo Courtesy of ea.com

Sim City

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A For the uninitiated, the series of commands above is indecipherable nonsense, but it’s immediately recognizable to gamers as the renowned “Konami Code,” the sequence of…

Photo by Andrew Weber/USA Today Sports

Hold The Line

There were moments throughout 2013 during which it appeared that Carlos Hyde (7.3 yards per carry) could have pulled a jumbo jet down the field behind him. That identity is gone – at least in…

Pursuit's Nate DeMars Photo by Chris Casella

Like A Boss

Despite the best efforts of scientists and politicians, jobs don’t grow on trees. They require companies, and even the biggest companies on Earth require a person to start them, an entrepreneur. These people, these entrepreneurs,…