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Ruth Milligan and her daughter Maggie fold socks for Maggie's Matches, which donates hundreds of socks to the homeless every year.

Little Big Projects

While children her age might have visions of sugar plums and PS4s dancing in their heads, this Christmas, Maggie Daiber will be occupied with thoughts of something entirely different: Socks. It started with a simple question from…

Pocket Protein

Natalie Applebaum talks about salad the way some people talk about religion—she’s a true believer. “Salad isn’t just a side item or something you eat before you eat. Salad, when you make it the way…

Zack Brown, the man behind the potato salad Kickstarter campaign is photographed on Sept. 18, 2014 in Columbus, Ohio. Brown is planning PotatoStock 2014, an all-ages, charity-minded party Saturday in downtown Columbus featuring bands, food trucks, beer vendors, potato-sack races and definitely potato salad. His effort on Kickstarter in early July to buy potato salad ingredients took on a life of its own and attracted worldwide attention as the amount grew. The 31-year-old eventually raised $55,492. (AP Photo/The Columbus Dispatch, Chris Russell)

(Potato) Salad Days

Look, Zack Brown is a goofball. The dude who helped create one of the more hilariously stimulating crowd-funding campaigns of all-time (“I plan to make potato salad”) gave Columbus—and the Internet—a true gift. But ole…

Worldwide Wayne

Wayne Lawson thinks Columbus should know more about Chile. Specifically, he’s dedicated to building community and arts-focused relationships between these two unique places, sharing the outstanding contemporary art coming from Chile’s many talented emerging artists…

Clark Wilson, CAPA Organist poses for a portrait Saturday June 18, 2016 at the Ohio Theatre. The Organ Wilson plays during the CAPA Summer Movie Series is called the 'Mighty Morton' and was installed in the theatre in 1928. Powered by a 25-horsepower turbine-type blower beneath the stage, the organ is raised and lowered by a screw-driven, enabling it to be “hidden” during other performances. and is comprised of more than 2,500 pipes. (© James D. DeCamp | http://www.JamesDeCamp.com | 614-367-6366)

The Swell of Summer

When the Mighty Morton organ first comes alive, it sounds like a house furnace turning on. Somewhere in the basement of the Ohio Theater, a 25-horsepower turbine blower gains speed, thrusting wind up through the…

Dirty Talk

There are many ways to describe Jim Norton’s act: raw, unfiltered, no-holds-barred. The press release practically writes itself. As I was driving to Buffalo, New York, I passed the time waiting for our phone call…

Olivera Bratich in her Clintonville store, Wholly Craft, on June 22, 2016.

This Chick Knows How to Party

“The first party I remember going to? It was in first grade and someone’s parents rented out the McDonald’s Playland and we all got Happy Meals.” It’s important to remember that back then—pre-Super Size Me…

Restaurant Week Is Back

The rumors are true. Save the date, Restaurant Week is back: July 18-23, 2016. Calling all foodies & Columbus lovers. From July 18th-23rd you can try an array of selections from more than 100 of the city’s…

(614) Day 2016

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Photo by Chris Casella

The Paragon Project

When entering the gates of Fort Hayes High School you can tell—even before you meet its students—it’s a different kind of environment. Slightly north of Downtown Columbus’s conglomerate of skyscrapers and just south of Cleveland…

Photo by Randall L. Schieber

Down By The Riverside

Editor’s Note: Last summer, (614) published a three-part series about the Olentangy and Scioto rivers, and their shared journey through time and the city. After an uncontrolled sewage overflow issue, and under threat of lawsuit…

Photo by Chris Casella

Class of 2016: Dana

When Dana hits the stage at this year’s Nelsonville Music Festival, an event that prides itself on its eclectic lineup, there’s no doubt that the band’s performance will be an anomaly for the afternoon crowd….