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ColumBEST 2017 Updates

Congratulations, Rachel W!  Rachel is the ColumBEST 2017 Grand Prize winner, winning $2500 to Giant Eagle! But wait – Congratulations to our first 12 ColumBEST winners who won Donatos Pizza! Brady J., Kathleen C., Seth F.,…

Trending Issue1

The Trending Issue

A – Activism Hey, what can we say? It’s a weird world out there right now, and Columbus, long a haven for active progressives has spent 2017 taking to the streets in Trump’s America. Whether…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard
Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Opening Volley

New trends pop up every day in the capital city, to the point where we had to catch up and catalog all of them—literally from A-Z—in this month’s cover story. Got me thinking about what’s…

By Tommy Feisel
By Tommy Feisel

From the Editor

It probably took me until I was 13 or so to realize that not everyone’s family friends owned bars and restaurants. Back home it was the Inn Between, the K-Village Inn—here, it was Zeno’s. My…


Home: Near or Far

There is something intrinsically intimate about the bed and breakfast model—that adorable older couple looking to make a few extra bucks by renting out their country-themed master bedroom to a couple of sweethearts for a…


Family Matters

Strategic planning and guest list coordination really go out the door when your two-year-old son is diagnosed with brain cancer. Celia and Geff Kinzel met and quite classically fell for each other in 2012. In…

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 1.32.18 PM

The Big Day

Janean + Andrew Date: 10.15.16 Venue: Glen Echo Ravine Photography: Rachel Joy (racheljoybaransi.com) We’re pretty sure Janean and Andrew have the wedding some couples dream of: ohmygodjustgointhewoodswithafewfriendsanddoit! But their wedding wasn’t just a get-it-over-with quickie—it…


Opening Volley

Most of you don’t know what the B.I.B.O. Index is. That’s because even though it sounds like some outdated meteorological system, it was invented by none other than Jordan Hoewischer. The man who shares my…

Photo by Nick Fancher
Photo by Nick Fancher

Opening Volley

Columbus is a “Yes” city. Leave it to Larry Smith, the pied piper of six-word sentiments to simultaneously sloganize our city so well, while still leaving himself one word short of the magic number. Yes,…


Made in Columbus

Look, Christmas shopping isn’t hard, per se. Anyone can make a last-minute trip to your neighborhood big box and find something in every aisle that makes sense to buy for your favorite folks. But, the…


Make Columbus Great Again

We love Columbus. You love Columbus. But when rent is starting to hit many’s personal economic ceiling and your city is still named after an increasingly despised tyrant, you’ve still got a ways to go….


Highball and Low-Brow

Welcome to your one definitive costume guide for Highball Halloween, the Short North party you’ve been waiting for all year. This year, the celebration will take place on Friday October 21st and Saturday the 22nd,…


Second Helpings

Success is never satisfied — it’s always hungry. Somewhere between critical mass and escape velocity, every entrepreneur eventually finds the enviable opportunity to expand. But growing out (or up) isn’t always an option. That quaint…

Ruth Milligan and her daughter Maggie fold socks for Maggie's Matches, which donates hundreds of socks to the homeless every year.
Ruth Milligan and her daughter Maggie fold socks for Maggie's Matches, which donates hundreds of socks to the homeless every year.

Little Big Projects

While children her age might have visions of sugar plums and PS4s dancing in their heads, this Christmas, Maggie Daiber will be occupied with thoughts of something entirely different: Socks. It started with a simple question from…