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Enjoy 3-course meals at 120+ of Columbus’ best restaurants for a fraction of the cost during Restaurant Week Columbus, January 22-27 presented by (614) Magazine and Marathon Petroleum! No tickets are necessary but reservations are recommended as…

614 on 740

Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls innatcedarfalls.com By Lesley Jenike Upscale without the pretension, the Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls in Logan is located right in the heart of the Hocking Hills, close to…

Sara + Chris Photo by Rouxby Photography

The Big Day: Cityscape

Those with a desire for sunshine and an open sky, but a slightly lower tolerance for bugs and grass clippings may lean to the side of an urban promenade. There are no shortage of green…

Kristen + Ryan Photo by Hillary Ferguson

The Big Day: Great Outdoors

Sometimes four walls just can’t hold the dream party you have planned. The great outdoors can create the biggest, and maybe the best, frame for your wedding. The crunchier among us may opt for a…

Temi + Ayo Photo by Paul Woo

The Big Day: Generations

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. The generations that came before us help envelope us into traditions and usher us into the next chapter of our lives. Who is this whole to-do really for, if not…

April + Alex Photo by DiBlasio Photography

The Big Day: Dress

Full-length princess gown? Boat neck, tea-length dress? No matter which way you slice it, it’s the focal point of a wedding. The bride is the star of the show, and the dress is her superhero…

Camille + Rickey Photo by JazzyMae Photography

The Big Day: Architecture

The dress, the food, the music. All the planned elements of the big day converge to create a cohesive scene. But perhaps no element of a wedding is quite as effective at framing and transporting…

Karla + Nathan Photo by Erica Kay

Big Day: Dance Floor

Ah, the dance floor. The great equalizer. The part of the party where your guests get to let loose and really celebrate. This is the time to forget the solemn ceremony and all the planning,…

Holly + Spencer Photo by Rouxby Photography

The Big Day: Animals

The furry little friends in our lives are often the first family members to vet (see what we did there?) the new boyfriend or girlfriend before they ascend to the level of husband or wife….

Albert & Ashley Photo by Hillary Ferguson

The Big Day: Reactions

The groom’s priceless face when the bride appears at the end of the aisle, the pop of a champagne bottle, a meant-for-your-ears-only story that the maid of honor decides to spill to the whole congregation…

by Megan Leigh Barnard


Northstar Cafe –10.7% of 11,617 votes Multiple Locations | thenorthstarcafe.com 2  First Watch 10.4% 3  Katalina’s Cafe 7.5% 2016: First Watch – 16.8% of 12,043 votes 496 S High St. |  firstwatch.com 2   Northstar Cafe 14.4% 3  …

by Chris Casella


City Barbecue – 60.4% of 14,031 votes There is nothing quite like good ol’ fashioned American barbecue, and it’s something us C-bus natives will go crazy over. City Barbecue captures the truest essence of charred, off-the-grill,…

by Nathan Ward


Thurman Cafe – 26.5% of 10,786 votes No matter how many challengers there are, the Thurmanator will always be king. The size is overpowering, yet not as intimidating as you’d think. There’s a reason you wait…

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Hangover Breakfast

Hangover Easy – 13.5% of 10,016 votes A proper hangover cure requires the following variables: fried food, gallons of coffee, and an open bar. Hangover Easy has been curing post-party headaches for years with their delectable…

by Collins Laatsch

Fast Food

Raising Cane’s – 31.3% of 10,588 votes There’s something about Cane’s that Columbus can’t get enough of. It might be the perfect crunch of their tenders, or the fact that you can substitute the coleslaw that…

by Brian Kaiser

Quick Lunch

North Market – 22% of 10,123 votes No matter what food you’re craving, North Market’s got you covered. If you’re in the mood for Flavors of India, or you prefer a Taste of Belgium, North Market…

by Collins Laatsch

Ice Cream

Graeter’s Ice Cream – 34.6% of 10,713 votes Jeni’s prevailed in this race last year, and though we expected a close battle, we didn’t expect anything like this. We can’t fault our voters for selecting Graeter’s…

by Megan Leigh Barnard


Schmidt’s Sausage Haus – 33.5% of 9,174 votes It’s no wonder that our little gem known as Schmidt’s took first place as best buffet. While their many sausages and various forms of cabbage are a treat…

by Nathan Ward

Retail Bakery

Koko Tea Salon & Bakery – 22.4% of 13,248 votes The top three finishers from a year ago have landed in the same slots, with nearly the same vote percentages. It’ll be hard for anyone to…