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5 Years: Music

It may not get quite the press that our food and drink scene does, but the sounds coming from Columbus these days have got the nation tuning in more than ever. The presence of independent…

Dancing to the Blues

The murderous strains of blues music traditionally come from the country’s hotbeds, the Gulf Coast deltas, smoky Texas roadhouses, and low-lit clubs in Chicago, but for Patrick Sweany, its resonant tones first called from his…

Photo by Chris Casella

Big Bang

Jay Moffett is a lot of things. A long-time local artist, with a personal palate as eye-catching as his work, you can see his signature mutton chops coming from a mile away. Oh, and he’s a licensed…

Photo by Nathan Ward

Folk Tales

Dreams pervade the subconscious mind of Zac Little. But Little, the singer-songwriter behind Saintseneca, doesn’t have dreams most would consider normal. In these phantasms he can taste and smell. Inspirations for songs appear as ephemeral…

Vocal Leaders

“Life is short…Opera is long.” Or so goes the saying. However, the recently founded opera company Opera Project Columbus endeavors to make it both short and fun. Selling out its inaugural production of Puccini’s Suor…

Old Soul

It’s a Wednesday night outside of Carabar on Parsons Avenue. Inside, several patrons enjoy cheap beers and video bowling. At this early hour the stage sits empty. All the action seems to be taking place…