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Photo by Danielle Petrosa

Totally Wired

So what about punk these days? “It’s so weird and diluted,” Nervosas drummer Nick Schuld says from the porch of the “Sunglasses Hut,” Schuld’s nicknamed home that doubles as the band’s practice space and studio….

Photo by Chris Conti

Guardian Angels

The Haynes Boys didn’t want to dig. In conversation a few years back, bassist Aaron Rice, guitarist Phillip Park, and drummer Jovan Karcic thought it might be a good idea to resurrect the band’s one…


When Digisaurus launches its first live set this month, they won’t need chrome robot suits or inflated mouse heads, fancy haircuts or projected cartoon versions of themselves to whip up the crowd. In Columbus at…

Photo by Chris Casella

The American Jobs

The American Jobs do not make party music, though one could imagine the band’s work being the Muzak piped through the Klingon-HiFi at an off-season Siberian opium den. What they do is dense, but not…

Photo by Chris Casella

Jacoti Sommes

In preparation for meeting with Jacoti Sommes, I begged him to share a preview of his latest creation. A few days later my inbox was graced with Ubermensch, an indefinable mesh of otherworldly  sounds, textures,…

Photo by Chris Casella

Cherry Chrome

In the bitingly loquacious “Once & Twice,” Cherry Chrome’s lead singer and songwriter, Xenia Bleveans-Holm, says a lot of things a sophomore in high school shouldn’t be saying, if only for lack of the life…

Photo by Chris Casella


SPOON JUNE 12, NEWPORT The boys have been at it for over two decades, crafting quirky but catchy indie rock and pop songs since 1993. Drummer Jim Eno and singer Britt Daniel have powered the…

Photo by Chris Casella

Without a word

Though they emit some geometrical tendencies, The End of the Ocean does not play math-rock. But in order to introduce them, a little arithmetic is necessary. According to the popular streaming music service Spotify, for…

Photo by Chris Casella

The Man-Machine

If there is a contention among those in the underground that rock is indeed dead, then said theory would dictate that the possibilities available for electronic artists—or anyone off-format—are currently infinite. It was once hard…

Photo by Maria Levitov

Going it alone

In Columbus there’s no lack of hubris when it comes to wide-eyed musicians starting bands, playing shows, and gassing up the tour van. Our music scene is defined and dominated by bands of all stripes….

Photo by Jay Brown/JFOTOMAN

No Grand Plans

A lot has changed since 1992. People bought CDs then, lots of them. Nirvana was the biggest musical act in the world. People read album reviews in Rolling Stone and Spin magazines. The Internet, for all…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Guided by Voices

When we first started, we instantly wanted to hit the fast-forward button and make a record,” says Blake Skidmore of the humble, somewhat green, folk-rock endeavors of Old Hundred back in 2009. “That record came…

Power Suit

After leaving his well-paying graphic design job, Shaw and his brothers continued to play in their family band, followed by the Andy Shaw Band, and now the two-years-in-the-making Topher James and the Biscuit Brigade (TJBB),…

Photo by Greg Bartram

Back From the Dead

Bo Biafra, the lead singer of Dead Schembechlers (the esteemed anti-Michigan punk band), disappeared in fall 2012 in what most people feared was an act of kidnapping carried out by the fictitious (?) New Wolverine…

Photo by Josh Miller

A Legacy Continues

J Rawls was prolific. He rapped, produced, and collaborated on well over a dozen albums during the course of a 14-year career, shifting stylistically from hip-hop to soul to jazz. He worked with Mos Def,…

Dream Small

Are you in an aspiring band? Superdreamer Records cofounders Spencer Morgan and Eric Gussler want to know what you won’t do to make it big. Won’t play a certain venue? Great. Refuse to create band…

Photo by Danielle Petrosa

Ippso Facto

Judging from the tape, it was a lively Friday night at Ipps drummer Mike O’Shaughnessy’s apartment when the band gathered for an interview. There was quality beer and legendary pizza abound. In the beginning, I…

Photo by Chris Casella

Across the Universe

“Everyone’s got different paths,” says Karrio Ballard, aka Zero Star, regarding his latest and greatest creation Digital Letters, “but as far as I’m concerned I feel I’ve figured out how the universe works.” Those are…