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by Megan Leigh Barnard

A Space to Jam

Ever since he was a kid, Jeremy Miller fantasized about building his dream home. Admittedly, his vision back then had a few more bells and whistles. “The older I get, the more I value simplicity…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Ray of Light

Stephanie Hayward and husband Brandon Pence are designers by trade and by nature. Hayward is an architect at The Columbus Architectural Studio, while Pence has his own web design and development business. It’s no wonder…

Photo by Dale Clark/Arc Photography

Remake. Revise. Reward.

One could say Jeff and Rachel Danziger have a penchant for ground-up thinking. That’s probably why their friends thought they were crazy to purchase and completely overhaul a sprawling Worthington home—only five years after having…

Photo by Kimberly Potterf

Tales From The Manor

It’s becoming harder to discover unassuming, fully redeveloped houses in Columbus’ Olde Towne East, as the area’s urban redevelopment boom is in full swing. Even so, some of the most breathtaking homes are still hidden…

Photos & Story by Cory Klein

Going Up

Story by: Don Argento Photos by: Cory Klein Don’t tell Bri DeRolph you can’t mix work and play. Especially when your home/office is cooler than most single homes or offices. When DeRolph spotted an industrial building for…

Photos by Chris Casella

Rock & Relaxation

Mount Parnassus, which looms over the ancient city of Delphi, was believed by ancient Greeks to be the home of the muses—where artists and musicians and poets drew the divine inspiration that created one of…

Photo by Chris Casella

Non Complex

Robin Oatts is living simple. How simple? Her 1950s north Clintonville home didn’t come with a dishwasher…or a dining room…or a porch. Yet the photographer and graphic designer saw potential in the small, outdated structure…