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Dirty Talk

There are many ways to describe Jim Norton’s act: raw, unfiltered, no-holds-barred. The press release practically writes itself. As I was driving to Buffalo, New York, I passed the time waiting for our phone call…


Just Jay

It’s hard to imagine your parents as young people. Like your Hermés scarf-swathed stepmother once sporting bellbottoms and traveling via hitchhiking.Or famous people picking up hitchhikers, like a certain classic car-hoarding comedian who once chauffeured…


The Big Gig

If you follow Columbus comedian Sumukh Torgalkar on social media (@SumukhComedy)—and you should—you’ll see just as much funny observations about the actual experience of being a comic (the shitty gigs, the confused audience members, the…


Opening Volley

November 5, 2008. 1:45 p.m. In the champagne-daydream hangover after the election of a young senator from Illinois, a small but dedicated editorial staff huddled together to put the finishing touches on the pilot edition…



Apparently, taking on Batman – even without the suit – is a dicey proposition. Bill Maher was the subject of a recent viral debate on his HBO show, Real Time, when he characterized Islamic culture…


Nerd Moon Rising

Due to completely unforeseen circumstances, nerds – as a collective – have won. It was a long, weezing struggle up the ladder, but in the end, we were triumphant. Hollywood drops more money on comic…