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Smile or Die

There is something absurdly relatable about Smile Inc. If it isn’t the ceaseless coffee overconsumption, the avoidance of humdrum office parties, or the subliminal “be happy” messages decorating the virtual workplace, it is the overarching…

Slip & Fly-2

Epic Flail

I am atop a 70-foot wooden landing, the timbered horizon of Butler, Ohio set before me in full view, a scenic panorama flanked by low, rolling hills and a buffet of marshmallow clouds in my sights….


Dirty Talk

There are many ways to describe Jim Norton’s act: raw, unfiltered, no-holds-barred. The press release practically writes itself. As I was driving to Buffalo, New York, I passed the time waiting for our phone call…


Just Jay

It’s hard to imagine your parents as young people. Like your Hermés scarf-swathed stepmother once sporting bellbottoms and traveling via hitchhiking.Or famous people picking up hitchhikers, like a certain classic car-hoarding comedian who once chauffeured…


The Big Gig

If you follow Columbus comedian Sumukh Torgalkar on social media (@SumukhComedy)—and you should—you’ll see just as much funny observations about the actual experience of being a comic (the shitty gigs, the confused audience members, the…


Opening Volley

November 5, 2008. 1:45 p.m. In the champagne-daydream hangover after the election of a young senator from Illinois, a small but dedicated editorial staff huddled together to put the finishing touches on the pilot edition…



Apparently, taking on Batman – even without the suit – is a dicey proposition. Bill Maher was the subject of a recent viral debate on his HBO show, Real Time, when he characterized Islamic culture…


Nerd Moon Rising

Due to completely unforeseen circumstances, nerds – as a collective – have won. It was a long, weezing struggle up the ladder, but in the end, we were triumphant. Hollywood drops more money on comic…