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Booze News

Brewery Beat North High Brewing is expanding from a two-barrel (or BBL) brewing system to a 20BBL brewing system to be housed in a warehouse around the corner from its current bar and brew-on-premise facility,…

Strong in Spirit

Columbus is not short on new restaurant and bar offerings. The Short North alone has become a veritable meat grinder of options; each new space forced into a fixed geography and through the same grinding…

Booze by the Batch

The emergence of the big-city-style, 12-dollar craft cocktails here in Columbus has been well documented. In this very publication, we’ve explored the phenomenon from the most luxurious at-home bars to the most authentic public offerings….

Your Happy Place

Whether single or married, I suspect few people’s happy place is connected with Valentine’s Day. The holiday can be contrived and clichéd, and restaurants are often packed with displays of affection that should have been…

Prost at Last!

Geoff Towne has never been one to mince words. Long before he brewed his first batch of beer in Columbus, he spoke openly about his ambitions. Reaction was mixed: some were excited, others dubious. It’s…

High Hops

As the craft-brewing phenomenon took the country by storm, Columbus was decidedly underserved. We love craft beer, which is evident when you walk into a bar and see as many as 30, 40, or even 50…