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Table Talk

Justin Nawman Thomas Worthington Cheap: O’Reilly’s Pub. Easily the best burger in the city (please believe the hype). If you order chili fries, they’re served on a platter roughly the size of a car door. Rich:…

Photo courtesy Juiceboxx

Pitch Perfect

Rosemary Garry and Lucas Williamson had problems.  Garry struggled to coordinate meeting times with Columbus businesspeople; Williamson kept breaking MacBook chargers. They created very different product-based companies to solve these problems, but they had a…

Table Talk

Caitlin McGurk Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum and Library Cheap:  My addiction may eventually cause my demise, but the tacos (specifically the pulled pork ones) at Ethyl & Tank on campus have got to be some…

Photo by Old Machine

Booze or Burpees?

What whets your appetite for competition more, the Summer Olympics or your backyard beer Olympics? If you answered the latter, then there’s probably a new local race for you – The Ultimate Beer Run, a…

Photo by Ryan Feeney

The Streets Are Ours

The purpose of the Open Streets initiative is to temporarily closes streets to automobiles so that people may use them for healthy and fun physical activities like walking, jogging, biking, and dancing. As a kid,…

Created by Michael Tyznik

Transit Art

Columbus expat Michael Tyznik, now a graphic designer in New York City, got people talking recently when he offered his vision for what transportation could look like in his hometown, as shown here. He used…