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Photo by Derk's Works

Chop Shop

These aren’t your grandfathers’ axes. Although they most certainly were inspired by them. Husband and wife team Benjamin and Cori Rowley of Yellowood Design Studio aren’t just clinging to the flannelled sleeves our newfound fascination…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Toy Story

“When you’re a kid, when you’re playing with your toys, there is this world that your toys are in and nobody else can see it—that world.” “I wanted to recreate that,” Michael Murtha said. So…


In our Apostrophes section, (614) Magazine attempts to highlight some of the incredible literary talent that lives, works, and writes in Columbus. If you are an interested writer, please direct your submissions (1,000 words max…

Photo Courtesy of ea.com

Sim City

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A For the uninitiated, the series of commands above is indecipherable nonsense, but it’s immediately recognizable to gamers as the renowned “Konami Code,” the sequence of…

Photo by Brian Hockensmith

Walking Tall

What do you and your friends do when you hang out? Board games? Beers? Jessica Minshall’s swing from trapezes, ride unicycles, breathe fire, and walk on stilts. Her Amazing Giants, a delightful band of circus…

Les Wexner introduces Annie Liebovitz, 2013. Photo by Kevin Fitzsimons

Wex on Wex

Visit the Wexner Center on any given day and you’re likely to encounter something you’ve never seen before. It’s a hive of creativity, a “laboratory,” as the institution’s benefactor Leslie H. Wexner prefers to call…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Small Wonder

Stephanie Rond is sick. She’s sniffling and smells like cough drops. The funny, creativity-to-spare local artist who just the other day took me for a ride on the back of her scooter – pink hair…

Photo by Chris Casella

Brain Crawl

Zombies have a bad reputation. People complain about the continuous moaning. “Urghhhhh!!” They find it impolite. The grotesque, rotten appearance…unbecoming. But people mostly complain about their cannibalistic nature. You eat one person, and that’s gonna…