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Inn at Honey Run2

Art Without Borders

Wildflowers color the hilltop meadows… open air art These words—emblazoned on a goliath stone resting alongside a zigzagging woodland trail—reverberate through the trees as they are read aloud. The Japanese translation of the haiku, along with the…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard
Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

A Better Shot

Just south of downtown, through an unassuming gated entrance and up a curious staircase, time stops. The address, 199 S High St., serves as a nexus of past, present, and future. Having been used for…



Amongst a psychedelically patterned backdrop enter five dancing fembots. Their faces are brushed white with dense makeup, contrasting fervently with bright red lipstick, cobalt eyeshadow, and fluorescent, multicolored wigs. Four of them move and sway…


The Big Short

Comedy knows no limits—and neither does Patton Oswalt. His work is honest, and with honesty comes indecency and, in Oswalt’s case, vicious self-deprecation. “My circle of friends has always been funnier than me,” Oswalt jeered…


Word Play

Nancy Kangas is one of those Columbus creatives that has been in my peripheral vision since, well, forever. Somewhere in my house—I am not a hoarder because books don’t count—I have a copy of this…


Newer Grow Up

Hanging off an entry wall in the Gateway Film Center is a colossal wooden sandworm—a zebra striped serpent with dull red eyes and conical teeth, hosting a smaller, fiercer snakehead inside of its mouth. Beside…

Photo by Ryan Miller
Photo by Ryan Miller

Within Range

When Peggy Kriha Dye seized the opportunity to reshape Columbus’s premier opera company as its Artistic Director, she not only brought a new artistic vision to the stage, but also sought to change its aging…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard
Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Rising Like the Phoenix

Moxy Martinez doesn’t give two shits about the norm. She’s anti-box—actually anti-anti—a breath of fresh air when you need a thoughtful perspective, and the anger you need when you feel like everything’s hopeless. She’s also…


See Them Roar

It all started with a Post-It, smacked defiantly on the wall of the Cultural Arts Center during the “You Call That Art?” exhibit of 2013. Part of the all-Ohio show featured a 25-foot timeline detailing…


Turn Out The Light

Motels are mysterious. Carved into the American imagination, these by-the-road pit stops with bright neon signs glaring out of the vast darkness between clusters of city lights are in turns places of anonymous rendezvous, murders…

Photo by Nick Fancher
Photo by Nick Fancher

Goodnight, Owl

I don’t particularly enjoy watching movies alone. For me, having another person to kick around with and reflect on the impeding action or drama makes the experience more valuable. Well, in the golden era of late…