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Sara + Chris Photo by Rouxby Photography

The Big Day: Cityscape

Those with a desire for sunshine and an open sky, but a slightly lower tolerance for bugs and grass clippings may lean to the side of an urban promenade. There are no shortage of green…

Kristen + Ryan Photo by Hillary Ferguson

The Big Day: Great Outdoors

Sometimes four walls just can’t hold the dream party you have planned. The great outdoors can create the biggest, and maybe the best, frame for your wedding. The crunchier among us may opt for a…

Temi + Ayo Photo by Paul Woo

The Big Day: Generations

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. The generations that came before us help envelope us into traditions and usher us into the next chapter of our lives. Who is this whole to-do really for, if not…

April + Alex Photo by DiBlasio Photography

The Big Day: Dress

Full-length princess gown? Boat neck, tea-length dress? No matter which way you slice it, it’s the focal point of a wedding. The bride is the star of the show, and the dress is her superhero…

Camille + Rickey Photo by JazzyMae Photography

The Big Day: Architecture

The dress, the food, the music. All the planned elements of the big day converge to create a cohesive scene. But perhaps no element of a wedding is quite as effective at framing and transporting…

Karla + Nathan Photo by Erica Kay

Big Day: Dance Floor

Ah, the dance floor. The great equalizer. The part of the party where your guests get to let loose and really celebrate. This is the time to forget the solemn ceremony and all the planning,…

Holly + Spencer Photo by Rouxby Photography

The Big Day: Animals

The furry little friends in our lives are often the first family members to vet (see what we did there?) the new boyfriend or girlfriend before they ascend to the level of husband or wife….

Albert & Ashley Photo by Hillary Ferguson

The Big Day: Reactions

The groom’s priceless face when the bride appears at the end of the aisle, the pop of a champagne bottle, a meant-for-your-ears-only story that the maid of honor decides to spill to the whole congregation…

Family Matters

Strategic planning and guest list coordination really go out the door when your two-year-old son is diagnosed with brain cancer. Celia and Geff Kinzel met and quite classically fell for each other in 2012. In…

The Big Day

Janean + Andrew Date: 10.15.16 Venue: Glen Echo Ravine Photography: Rachel Joy (racheljoybaransi.com) We’re pretty sure Janean and Andrew have the wedding some couples dream of: ohmygodjustgointhewoodswithafewfriendsanddoit! But their wedding wasn’t just a get-it-over-with quickie—it…

Illustration by Alix Ayoub

New Traditions

Let’s face it: the traditional bachelor/bachelorette parties have become somewhat archaic. Sure, getting trashed and buying phallic-shaped lollipops is never going to go out of style completely, but for a memorable pre-wedding bash we recommend…

Photo by Adam Lowe


Adam + Jenn (White) Emery Adam + Meghan (Kwast) Brouillette Dan + Stef (Seger) Mize Greg + Taylor (Gibson) Cobb Logan + Laura (Leonardo) Burnside Sylvester + Cynthia (Godwin) Nadar Vinay + April (Pucheril) Mathews

Illustration by Alix Ayoub

Advice: Chill the F*ck Out

By Marti Babcock & Lindsay Hetzer | alltogethernowohio.com After their engagement, many of our clients come to us frantically overwhelmed; realizing all of the tasks that must be accomplished while planning their wedding, while also having…