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  • Author: Will Johnston
Photo by Maddie McGarvey

The Church on the Hill

In 1976, while America celebrated her 200th birthday, The Refectory (1092 Bethel Rd.) opened its doors. In the four decades between then and now, the restaurant, through an unflinching commitment to consistency and excellence, has…

Pastoral Plates

Fine dining, at least in the contemporary sense, has been a mostly urban endeavor—large cities have the population and the resources necessary for sustaining our favorite white tablecloth establishments. But in the farm-to-table era, one…

Pocket Protein

Natalie Applebaum talks about salad the way some people talk about religion—she’s a true believer. “Salad isn’t just a side item or something you eat before you eat. Salad, when you make it the way…

Photo by Chris Casella


Around the year 230 CE, Zhuge Liang, Chancellor of the Northern Chinese state of Shu Han, equal parts famed politician, adroit strategist, and feared warrior, returning with his army from a rout of the Nanman…

Photo by Jon McAllister

Elevated Comfort

The cardinal rule of restaurant work, with respect to post-labor revelry and general socialization, is as follows: Never make plans for after work. This rule is predicated upon the rule that there is an inverse…

Sounds of the Kitchen

Norteño (n.) A form of popular music native to Mexico, originating in the Northern states, with a sound akin to Polka. The default soundtrack in many of Columbus’s best restaurants (in their kitchens at least…)…