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  • Author: Travis Hoewischer
Photo by Chris Casella

From the Editor

Just a few days before this issue hit the presses… I was having a conversation about culinary publications with an acquaintance who wanted to let me know about a magazine she’d picked up. “I really…

Image by Chris Casella

Field of Dreams

I’ve met Warren Taylor twice. I’ve been kissed by Warren Taylor three times. The first came on the sprawling estate that is Snowville Creamery, the second and third at the Nelsonville Music Festival, where Taylor…

Opening Volley

We sure do like to talk “best” a lot around here. If we’re not passing around the latest “Columbus Named Best City to Waste Its Collective Time by Clicking This Article” lists on social media,…

Photo by Meghan Ralston

Opening Volley

You know that old clichéd scene? It’s every dad’s nightmare: daughter is going out for a date, and when the kid comes to the door… IT’S SOME TATTOOED PUNK! How hilarious does that sound now?…

The Big Gig

If you follow Columbus comedian Sumukh Torgalkar on social media (@SumukhComedy)—and you should—you’ll see just as much funny observations about the actual experience of being a comic (the shitty gigs, the confused audience members, the…

Pie Palette

Bobby Silver and business partner Faith Pierce maintain a fierce commitment to the art of the pie, not only contributing elevated flavors to the traditional dish but also offering inventive marketing tools and creative expression…

Jason Joseph Photography

Love at the Top

Everyone needs love, and so there’s a reason why certain people are gonna need people like Nicci Sprouse. Despite the wellspring of dating apps and websites over the last decade, Sprouse has remained unplugged, searching…

Photo by Chris Casella

Opening Volley

Damn, I love a good interview. So it stands to reason that I also love The Interview Issue, (614)’s fourth annual celebration of intriguing Columbus personalities through a series of inventive and in-depth profiles. For…

Photo by Chris Casella

From the Editor

Last month, I ate small-batch beef jerky. You have questions, I assume. I do, too. Freely consuming such a thing leads one to question plenty about themselves and their purchases. What constitutes a small batch?…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Wake Up and Smell the Snark!

The decline in traditional newspaper readership has done more than separate the populace from the powers that be, it’s also fractured the connection between two former morning-time partners: Coffee and comics. Which is why Columbus’s…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Opening Volley

Think about the last time you had a great idea. Think about that overwhelming feeling, no matter how humble you might be, that you’ve just unlocked something that must be immediately shared with the world….

Photo at The Crest By Nick Fancher

From the Editor

It’s Saturday, and I’m alone in my office, combing through a stack of galleys for this, our second edition of Stock & Barrel. In a few days, these black-and-white pages enlarged on 11 by 17 stock…

Photo by Chris Casella

Sharp Art

Steel is in Terry Afortiori’s blood. And now, in his eye. The third-generation metal worker became engrossed in a new hobby of hand-crafting knives earlier this year, his ADD and family history fueling a new obsession…

Bluestone, 2012 Photo by David Heasley

Kings of Queen

The greatest arena rock band of all time was formed in 1970, at London’s Imperial College. The greatest arena rock cover band in Columbus history was formed just outside of a college bar, in an…

Photo by Shelby Lum

Opening Volley

You don’t typically have moments of ringing self-actualization at a yard sale. Yet, there I was, feeling so satisfied in my savvy wheeling and dealing that I hadn’t noticed I was internally critiquing the marketing…