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Photo at The Crest
By Nick Fancher
Photo at The Crest By Nick Fancher

From the Editor

It’s Saturday, and I’m alone in my office, combing through a stack of galleys for this, our second edition of Stock & Barrel. In a few days, these black-and-white pages enlarged on 11 by 17 stock…

Photo by Chris Casella
Photo by Chris Casella

Sharp Art

Steel is in Terry Afortiori’s blood. And now, in his eye. The third-generation metal worker became engrossed in a new hobby of hand-crafting knives earlier this year, his ADD and family history fueling a new obsession…

Bluestone, 2012
Photo by David Heasley
Bluestone, 2012 Photo by David Heasley

Kings of Queen

The greatest arena rock band of all time was formed in 1970, at London’s Imperial College. The greatest arena rock cover band in Columbus history was formed just outside of a college bar, in an…

Photo by Shelby Lum
Photo by Shelby Lum

Opening Volley

You don’t typically have moments of ringing self-actualization at a yard sale. Yet, there I was, feeling so satisfied in my savvy wheeling and dealing that I hadn’t noticed I was internally critiquing the marketing…


From the Editor

I had Popsicles for breakfast today. A grilled cheese from Melt for lunch, Marcus Meacham’s hanger steak for dinner, and a calimocho (wine and cola) at Ace of Cups for dessert. I am Columbus’s developing…

A still image from 'Til Death.
A still image from 'Til Death.

Depth of Field

Columbus filmmaker Jason Tostevin is like a brilliant chef. Only in his case, a master who spends thousands of hours meticulously preparing a meal destined to be devoured briefly, or perhaps discarded altogether. “You’re so…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard
Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

A Great Strange Dream

Mike Conley is espousing his goals for Kafe Kerouac, the off-campus-but-not-campus-like coffee/club house. Keep the doors open, pay the bills, make sure the employees are compensated reasonably…it’s a pretty standard spiel for a small business…


History on a Bun

What’s available early in the morning, late at night, and blue-and-white all over? According to Time Magazine, the most influential burger in history. The winner: America’s beloved White Castle “slider,” the fourth meal staple for generations…

Photo by Chris Casella

Big Bang

Jay Moffett is a lot of things. A long-time local artist, with a personal palate as eye-catching as his work, you can see his signature mutton chops coming from a mile away. Oh, and he’s a licensed…


We’ve always been proud of the fact that (614) Magazine is not just a reflection of the Columbus community, but also a collaboration with it. In our nearly five-year history, we have expanded well beyond…