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by Megan Leigh Barnard

Dining Patio

Barcelona – 19.6% of 5,018 votes There’s something beautiful about the city of Barcelona—its pronunciation, its culture, its scenery. The Columbus restaurant of the same name has taken these associations and applied them in a cozy…

by Brian Kaiser


Destination Donuts – 28.9% of 14,427 votes Damn you, Heather Morris! Okay, wait, no, we love you, Heather. It’s just that we were finally starting to find ways to lay off those damn sugary bagels until…

by Megan Leigh Barnard


Condado Tacos – 27.8% of 9,583 votes What used to be the land of burgers and fries has quickly turned into a taco town—that potent portable sent to us long ago from our friends down south….

by Megan Leigh Barnard


Northstar Cafe – 57.5% of 8,553 votes For years, Northstar has continually demonstrated that eating healthy doesn’t have to lack flavor. Thanks, Northstar. For as long as you continue championing conscience-friendly fare that tickles our palates,…

by Anastasia Markova

ColumBest 2017!

Eight years and counting. That’s how long we here at (614) have been categorizing, grouping, voting, ranking and awarding the best of the best here in the capital city. The tastemakers, the faces of media;…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Opening Volley

New trends pop up every day in the capital city, to the point where we had to catch up and catalog all of them—literally from A-Z—in this month’s cover story. Got me thinking about what’s…

Photos by Catherine Murray

Vegetarian 365

It never fails—after nearly 20 years of being a vegetarian, photographer Catherine Murray still gets the same questions whenever she tells someone. Or, rather, the same seven immediate reactions: If you don’t eat meat, what…

By Tommy Feisel

From the Editor

It probably took me until I was 13 or so to realize that not everyone’s family friends owned bars and restaurants. Back home it was the Inn Between, the K-Village Inn—here, it was Zeno’s. My…

Photos by Megan Leigh Barnard

Shed Show

“Forget Man Caves, Backyard Bar Sheds are the New Trend” Whatever you say, Internet. I saw this post sliding around my Facebook page last week, and I thought: Let’s let Columbus be the judge of…

Photo by T.J. Hansen

Liner Notes: Topher James

Chris Shaw is the first to admit there isn’t a damn thing about soul music and video games that go together. But, hey, if a veteran multi-instrumentalist can reinvent himself as a shiny-suit-wearing, falsetto-crooning soul…

Photo by Dale Clark/Arc Photography

Remake. Revise. Reward.

One could say Jeff and Rachel Danziger have a penchant for ground-up thinking. That’s probably why their friends thought they were crazy to purchase and completely overhaul a sprawling Worthington home—only five years after having…

Opening Volley

Most of you don’t know what the B.I.B.O. Index is. That’s because even though it sounds like some outdated meteorological system, it was invented by none other than Jordan Hoewischer. The man who shares my…

Photo by Nick Fancher

Opening Volley

Columbus is a “Yes” city. Leave it to Larry Smith, the pied piper of six-word sentiments to simultaneously sloganize our city so well, while still leaving himself one word short of the magic number. Yes,…