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  • Author: Mitch Hooper
Damn Girl by Megan Leigh Barnard

Dance Party, USA

Columbus club culture has gone the way of the dodo—but that doesn’t mean you can’t get down in this town. Which means it’s about time we updated your dance card for you—use this handy guide…

Limited Run

Quick: Picture Eddie George. He’s lowering his shoulder and trucking through middle linebackers with no regard; it’s 3-yards and a cloud of dust like the good old days; it’s him hoisting that highly coveted Heisman…

Photo By Collins Laatsch

All Smoke, No Mirrors

When Rick Malir devised a plan to create a barbecue joint in Columbus, the number one song in the country was “Believe” by Cher. As unlikely as that seems in hindsight, creating a local staple…