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  • Author: Linda Lee Baird
Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

City as Folk

People often come in the first time for eggs. They’re in a modest-sized refrigerator in the back. To get there, you have to walk past the bags of chicken feed and the composting bins, turn…

A Night at the Theater, Michael Guinane

Good Works

Art doesn’t just imitate life—you can’t have one with the other. And while healthcare may be one of the hot-button political issues of our time, there’s no denying this important fact: while our government debates…

Serious Funds

The annual A&F Challenge raises money to send kids with serious illness to summer camp Crafting, archery, a check up with a cardiologist, and a campfire sing-a-long; the daily agenda for a camper at Flying…

Photo by Brian Kaiser

Adulting Awards

On a whim three years ago, jewelry maker Chelsey Hill decided to design award ribbons to celebrate life’s underappreciated achievements. Her first two ribbons read, “Adulting Honorable Mention” and “I Put Pants on Today.” She snapped…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard.

Girl Talk

Columbus women tell their stories on new podcast. Lorrin Higgins proudly uses the F-word. That’s feminist, thank you. After finding a dearth of female voices in the Columbus podcast scene, Higgins started reaching out to…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Pizza Pilgrimage

Head north to sample some out-of-county pies. Full disclosure: most of the time I’ve spent driving on Route 23 has involved either a stressful commute or a trip to a mall—also stressful. It’s fair to…

Photo by Collins Laatsch.

Dough Show

Finding a slice of the Big Apple—and a pizza tossing champ—at Leone’s Pizza. Since my family moved to Columbus from Brooklyn in December, something has been bothering my four-year-old: the pizza. Specifically, the Columbus method…