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  • Author: Laura Dachenbach
Photo by Ryan Miller
Photo by Ryan Miller

Within Range

When Peggy Kriha Dye seized the opportunity to reshape Columbus’s premier opera company as its Artistic Director, she not only brought a new artistic vision to the stage, but also sought to change its aging…

Illustration by Dustin Goebel
Illustration by Dustin Goebel

Clergy and the Closet

“It became difficult to preach a particular authenticity… that I did not feel safe to return,” said Rev. John Girard, associate pastor of Worthington United Methodist Church, who attended Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary and became…

Photo by Chris Casella
Photo by Chris Casella

Big Break(er)

Discovering your destiny can be as simple as looking for the signs. While scanning the horizon of Westerville near Maxtown Road, Josh Gandee’s eyes happened to fall upon a “Truck Route to Broadway” road sign,…


Sound Opinions

Mozart. The Sound of Music. The Doppler Effect. Music and sound are inseparable from the city of Salzburg, Austria, the hometown of David Danzmayr, Music Director for ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, who grew up with a…

Photo by Joan Marcus
Photo by Joan Marcus

True Romance

Once, an Irish musical film starring Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová, is not just a literal Guy-meets-Girl-story, but also a modern fable of learning to push past the career-killing phrase: “once I get things straightened…

Photos by Chris Casella
Photos by Chris Casella


Tony Meredith is tall, striding across the dance floor in knee high boots and dressed in black. Even in my two-inch heels, I feel diminutive standing across from him. But I don’t feel intimidated. Meredith’s…



Rossen Milanov’s impressive musical journey started with an unassuming box. Among his earliest musical memories, Milanov recalls the day when his parents brought a record player into their home in Sofia, Bulgaria, along with a…

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Vocal Leaders

“Life is short…Opera is long.” Or so goes the saying. However, the recently founded opera company Opera Project Columbus endeavors to make it both short and fun. Selling out its inaugural production of Puccini’s Suor…