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  • Author: Laura Dachenbach
Photo by Katie Forbes.


The worship area at Columbus Mennonite Church is neither spacious nor towering. Nevertheless, its simplicity is beautiful, gathering worshippers into community, focusing them on the divine without otherworldly distractions. For Edith Espinal, who greets me…

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Refugee Road

“So many focus on only one part of the story—only on hardships and barriers and trauma and horrific experiences that people have prior to coming here,” Nadia Kasvin says of the refugee and immigration experience….

by Brian Kaiser

“I Am America.”

Escaped war; war never escaped me. Larry Smith’s six-word memoirs are an exercise designed to cut through the extraneous, and find the fundamental truths at someone’s core in a provocative, intriguing, and immediate way. So…

by Lauren Snyder

Day, Made

It’s lunch time at BrewDog Short North. The Street Thyme food truck is in the parking lot. Cookies from Piece of Cake bakery are on a table nearby. The customers are on the back patio…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

A Primary Goal

Looking for a doctor? The Bartlett Medical Clinic and Wellness Center won’t accept your insurance. Heather Bartlett, M.D., the clinic’s founder and owner, sees a hidden health care crisis in America, one which led her…

Photo By Tommy Feisel

Deep-Fried Ice Cream

In my sad-sustenance universe, deep-fried food is the ultimate. It is cuisine par excellence. It makes the non-edible edible. I truly believe a magical layer of light flaky crust will coat everything in heaven. But…

photo by Joshua Howey

Get Rhythm

It starts with the sound. [People] have a sense that tap is about making noise, or making rhythms, but I don’t know that they get—from traditional representations or mainstream representations—a sense of how complicated or…

Cha Cha Change

Columbus ballroom studio transforming bodies and lives “I’ve always been a very active person,” Cindi Parker confessed. An equestrian and a tennis player, the Dayton-based allergy practice manager still weighed more than she wanted to,…

Stage Right

Conservative Theater in Columbus sets the stage for debate Remember when theater legend David Mamet “came out” in 2008? Not as gay, but as conservative. Well, in a theatrical universe largely populated by the left—where…

Photo by Ryan Miller

Within Range

When Peggy Kriha Dye seized the opportunity to reshape Columbus’s premier opera company as its Artistic Director, she not only brought a new artistic vision to the stage, but also sought to change its aging…

Illustration by Dustin Goebel

Clergy and the Closet

“It became difficult to preach a particular authenticity… that I did not feel safe to return,” said Rev. John Girard, associate pastor of Worthington United Methodist Church, who attended Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary and became…

Photo by Chris Casella

Big Break(er)

Discovering your destiny can be as simple as looking for the signs. While scanning the horizon of Westerville near Maxtown Road, Josh Gandee’s eyes happened to fall upon a “Truck Route to Broadway” road sign,…

Sound Opinions

Mozart. The Sound of Music. The Doppler Effect. Music and sound are inseparable from the city of Salzburg, Austria, the hometown of David Danzmayr, Music Director for ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, who grew up with a…