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  • Author: Kevin J Elliott
Photo by Rainer Ziehm

Gunk Rock

In his 2010 tome We Never Learn, author Eric Davidson didn’t set out to write a history book. His mission was humble; he wanted to devote ink to the “undergut” of punk and bands like…

Photo by Tom Andrew

Freedom Rock

It’s been nearly a decade since Animal Collective last played Columbus. Back then, the group’s popularity, outside of what felt like a secret cognoscenti, was just starting to peak. On that balmy May night at…

Photo by Chris Casella

Trial by Fire

Usually, the death blow of a local band comes with the proverbial “creative differences” excuse, or maybe a domestic issue, like a member planning a big move out of town. For Weight of Whales, a…

Father Superior

Husband, father, coffee shop owner, armchair pitching coach, and, perhaps, one day, public official—these are the roles filled by songwriter Colin Gawel ever since the once nonstop machine of Watershed decided to take a well-deserved…

Photos by Chris Casella

Queen of Quarters

“Snail, Snail, Snail!” “They’re going straight berries!” “Can I get some wings over here?” The 10-player Killer Queen behemoth that is the jewel of Arcade Super Awesome has only been plugged in for a few…

Photos by Chris Casella

Columbuzz: The Pools

In much the same way musicians from the High Street guard of the ’90s—guys like Jim Shepard, Mike Rep, and Ron House—influenced the mid-’00s boom that included the bulk of Columbus Discount Records’ roster and…

Punk’s Not Passed

It was Black Flag squatting in a dilapidated church. Darby Crash muttering his classic “puzzled panther” musings. A coked-up Ozzy cooking an egg, or the infamous scene of W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes chugging straight vodka from his swimming pool…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Diamonds in the Rough

In late summer, a trusted foodie-in-arms told me that the season wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the newly opened Diamonds on Bethel Road. No, it’s not a strip club or a jewelry store…

Photo by Danielle Petrosa

Totally Wired

So what about punk these days? “It’s so weird and diluted,” Nervosas drummer Nick Schuld says from the porch of the “Sunglasses Hut,” Schuld’s nicknamed home that doubles as the band’s practice space and studio….

Photo by Chris Conti

Guardian Angels

The Haynes Boys didn’t want to dig. In conversation a few years back, bassist Aaron Rice, guitarist Phillip Park, and drummer Jovan Karcic thought it might be a good idea to resurrect the band’s one…


When Digisaurus launches its first live set this month, they won’t need chrome robot suits or inflated mouse heads, fancy haircuts or projected cartoon versions of themselves to whip up the crowd. In Columbus at…

Photo by Chris Casella

The American Jobs

The American Jobs do not make party music, though one could imagine the band’s work being the Muzak piped through the Klingon-HiFi at an off-season Siberian opium den. What they do is dense, but not…

Photo by Chris Casella

Jacoti Sommes

In preparation for meeting with Jacoti Sommes, I begged him to share a preview of his latest creation. A few days later my inbox was graced with Ubermensch, an indefinable mesh of otherworldly  sounds, textures,…

Photo by Chris Casella

Cherry Chrome

In the bitingly loquacious “Once & Twice,” Cherry Chrome’s lead singer and songwriter, Xenia Bleveans-Holm, says a lot of things a sophomore in high school shouldn’t be saying, if only for lack of the life…

Photo by Chris Casella

Without a word

Though they emit some geometrical tendencies, The End of the Ocean does not play math-rock. But in order to introduce them, a little arithmetic is necessary. According to the popular streaming music service Spotify, for…

Photo by Chris Casella

The Man-Machine

If there is a contention among those in the underground that rock is indeed dead, then said theory would dictate that the possibilities available for electronic artists—or anyone off-format—are currently infinite. It was once hard…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Part-time Santa

Despite your religious affiliation or lack thereof—and regardless of which side you’re on in the always escalating “War on Christmas,” it’s difficult to deny the innocuous magic that comes from a sighting of Santa Claus…

Photo by Maria Levitov

Going it alone

In Columbus there’s no lack of hubris when it comes to wide-eyed musicians starting bands, playing shows, and gassing up the tour van. Our music scene is defined and dominated by bands of all stripes….