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  • Author: Heather Hotaling
Illustration by Anastasia Markova

Don’t Fear the Funk

It’s not for everyone. Sour, funky, with just that slight twinge of danger. Taking a bite of a fermented food can sometimes feel a little bit like choosing a restaurant without checking Yelp first—excitingly terrifying….

Corn 101

When a city is home to an oversized cement field of corn, it’s safe to assume that said city takes its corn seriously. Cow tipping stereotypes aside, Columbus is a Midwest city deeply rooted in…

Honey Do!

Barry Conrad knows bees. On the flip side of his business card there’s a photo of Barry, with his crinkly eyes and white hair, wearing a literal beard of bees. “I want to show people…

The Fifth Element

You know the moment. The “wow” eye bulge across the table as you and your friend, both nodding, mouths full, silently agreeing that you’ve both bitten into something amazing. Your immediate thought: What the hell…