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The Electro Cult Circus puts up their weird tent next at Victory’s on March 9th. (Credit: Megan Leigh Barnard)

The New Normal

Meet the Electro Cult Circus

By Ryan Haye

Published March 1, 2013

There was a time not too long ago when the word “cult” conjured up visions of poisoned Kool-Aid, Christ complexes, comets, and neatly placed tennis shoes. But for a cult to be truly bizarre, then by definition they must live outside of what society deems normal, and let’s face it, “normal” expired years ago.

So you’ll have to excuse me for being more than a little skeptical going into my meeting with the Electro Cult Circus.

The Electro Cult Circus is but one act under the “circus tent” of ECC productions, which includes a comedy show (Skitzo Show), an erotic rock show (Erotica n Roll), and the Robotron 5000, which you may or may not have seen trolling the weird fertile fields of ComFest and the America’s Got Talent cattle call.

“Yeah, they (AGT) actually called us and asked us to bring the Robotron 5000. They mic’d us up and followed us around the parking lot. Hopefully we’ll be on the show, but we may just end up on the cutting room floor,” said Mondo Marroquinn, comedy leader and self-professed Kids in the Hall fanatic.

In the age of YouTube, and with the undeniable explosion of the fetish lifestyle, if you’re going to play the game that ECC plays, then you better be good, you better be weird, and you better be sexy.

ECC has it all under control (sort of)...

The Good: “We definitely push the envelope, but we’ve had more people stay and come back to our shows than we’ve had leave,” said Angelina, physical humorist/secretary of the ECC.

And they must be on to something too, because in a very competitive Columbus music/arts scene they enjoy well-attended standing gigs at Kobo and Circus, along with yearly invites to Trauma and Independent’s Day.

“At Kobo we started out on a Tuesday and we filled that night, then we got moved to Thursday and we filled that up, too. Now we’re talking about a weekend slot,” Mondo said. When asked to comment on their standing gig at Kobo, owner Jacob Wooten played along with the good/weird. “I hear they are all really good in bed.”

The Weird: These guys do not believe in playing it safe and they are constantly looking to push that point. For example, at the city’s celebration of all things indie-art/alt-whatever that is Independent’s Day, their collective weirdness got them into trouble, according to Casey, the ECC’s brooding rock star, and resident Ween and Nirvana fan.

“The first time we played the festival, we told them that we like to do a lot of weird shit, and they were okay with that, but by the end of our set one of the organizers told me he wanted to ‘kick me in the dick,’” he said.

When asked for clarification he added, “Yes, he specifically said the dick. I don’t think he was happy with his stage being covered in mashed potatoes.”

The Sexy: ECC’s Erotic ’n Roll show is a variety show of music, comedy and sex, but if Strip Uno and comedy songs featuring guys in drag and a baby singing “Papa Don’t Preach” is not your particular brand of sexy, then surely the presence of the Ooh-La-La’s is.

“The very sexy Vivienne Vega is a member of ECC and she is featured in the Ooh-La-La’s, which we work with regularly at our Erotica n Roll shows,” Casey said. Vivienne was unable to attend the meeting because she was at home with her and Casey’s five-month old baby. (Presumably, though not confirmed, this is not the same baby that will be performing “Papa Don’t Preach”).

If you’re looking to spice up your life with a little weirdness you can catch ECC’s next show at Victory’s on March 9th. Keep in mind that this is an adult-oriented show filled with graphic scenes of sexuality, humor, and music, so bring your ID and leave your preconceived notions of normal at home.

For more information on Electro Cult Circus and their various incarnations, visit www.eccpresents.com.