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By (614) Magazine

Published March 1, 2013

These days, we don’t have much trouble thinking outside the ’belt.

In the last five years, Columbus has positioned itself as the progressive, youthful capitol that it’s always dreamt itself to be, and it’s become such thanks to creative artists, citizens, civic leaders, and business owners. It seems like every month, our fair city lands on some new “Best Place to ____” list.

Against the fading backdrop of our so-called “identity crisis,” Columbus is now a fresh canvas, and our visionaries still have paint on the brush. Now, we’re left with only two key questions: “What’s the next big idea – and what’s it going to take to bring it here?”

Who says big ideas have to come in big packages? A multitude of grand ideas are on display this month in 200 tiny orange Ideabooks, both at the new Center for Architecture and Design and HERE.

While we may be hurtling up the charts when it comes to other categories, Columbus is still sucking exhaust in its PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION efforts. If only we could be a little more like Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Charlotte, North Carolina…

Imagine the James Cancer Hospital being able to treat a patient from a million miles away, or a blackout being fixed in a matter of minutes…that’s the power of FIBER OPTIC networks, and one other Midwest city is testament to its game-changing properties.

Matt Moorman’s assertion that "COLUMBUS NEEDS A MOUNTAIN" drew plenty of chuckles – including a few from himself. But, a decade later, the ambitious art project represents a sea change for a city no longer scared of dreaming big.

Columbus could lead the charge for freedom by galvanizing efforts for legal GAY MARRIAGE in Ohio – an idea so sound it worked in Iowa.