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How Columbus Gets Down

By Morgan Landis, Rachel Mooney

Published February 1, 2013

As temperatures drop across Ohio, we’re bringing the heat with 920 perspectives (gathered both online and in person at bars, workplaces, and events around the city) on one of winter’s greatest indoor activities: sex. On our quest to find out who’s doing what and with whom under-the-covers (or on the kitchen counter, in the pool, at the park… you get the idea), we discovered that finding participants to survey would be as easy as plucking low-hanging fruit from the Garden of Eden. Home to one of the Midwest’s largest gay communities, numerous burlesque troupes, strip clubs and even an S&M-inspired nightclub, Columbus is hardly vanilla. As a result, our non-scientific survey’s findings may be unsuitable for some readers. Kick back, turn the lights down low and let your inner voyeur come out to play: it can be our dirty little secret.