Featured Venue

by Collins Laatsch

“Price Is No Object” Restaurant

The Refectory – 17.6% of 9,051 votes

Treat yourself—we both know you deserve it. There’s no better place in Columbus to do so than The Refectory. While you’re there, try the Cauliflower Mosaic Salade, or perhaps the Roasted Goat Cheese. Maybe even the Filet Mignon or the Spiced Duck Breast. Hell, just order all of it. Budgets are for the weak.

1092 Bethel Rd. | refectory.com

2  Lindey’s 16.2%

3  Hyde Park 14.7%

The Refectory Also Won: 

Most Romantic Restaurant – 17.3% of 8,894 votes

2  Lindey’s 16.1%

3  The Melting Pot 15.9%


The Refectory – 17.5% of 8,915 votes

1092 Bethel Rd. |  refectory.com

  Lindey’s 15.6%
3   Hyde Park 14.4%