Featured Venue

by Nathan Ward


Thurman Cafe – 26.5% of 10,786 votes

No matter how many challengers there are, the Thurmanator will always be king. The size is overpowering, yet not as intimidating as you’d think. There’s a reason you wait multiple hours just to get a seat. Of all the foods in Columbus that deserve the rock star treatment, the Thurmanator is at the top of the list.

183 Thurman Ave. | thethurmancafe.com

2 Five Guys 8.4%

3  Northstar Cafe 7.4%

Thurman Cafe also won: Best Neighborhood Bar

(German Village / Old Town East / Merion Village)

17.2% of 9,059 votes

2  Schmidt’s Sausage Haus 14.6%

3  Lindey’s 14.1%


Thurman Café  – 25.8% of 11,340 votes

183 Thurman Ave.  |  thethurmancafe.com

2   Arch City Tavern 9.6%

3   Five Guys 7.8%