Featured Venue

by Chris Casella


City Barbecue – 60.4% of 14,031 votes

There is nothing quite like good ol’ fashioned American barbecue, and it’s something us C-bus natives will go crazy over. City Barbecue captures the truest essence of charred, off-the-grill, sauce-drenched meat. Or so the voters of our great city have decided.

Multiple Locations | citybbq.com

2  Ray Ray’s Hog Pit 15.2%

3  Smokehouse Brewing Co. (Formerly Barley’s Smokehouse) 5.9%


City Barbecue – 37.4% of 10,856 votes

Multiple Locations  |  citybbq.com

2   Ray Ray’s Hog Pit 17.6%
3   Smokehouse Brewing Co. (Formerly Barley’s Smokehouse) 14.0%