Featured Venue

Best Local Charity

Mid-Ohio Foodbank

39.7% of 4,816 votes

The Mid-Ohio Foodbank aims to keeps Central Ohio healthy and well fed, and the charity takes the top spot for another year. In 2014, the Foodbank distributed over 54 million pounds of groceries. Multiple Locations  |  midohiofoodbank.org

2  Pelotonia 20%

3  Ronald McDonald House 18.7%


2014 Results:

Mid-Ohio Foodbank

33.00% of 3,464 votes
Our hats are off to all the good-hearted that give so much to Columbus. Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s tireless efforts to solve the hunger problem have earned it more well-deserved recognition. Kudos. – 3960 Brookham Drive, Grove City, www.midohiofoodbank.org

2.  Pelotonia 19.43%

3.  Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio 17.18%