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Best Large Grocery Store


25.7% of 5,235 votes

As the nation’s largest supermarket chain, it’s no surprise Kroger won this category. This Cincinnati-based company has been around for more than 130 years and will only continue to grow with its reasonably priced food and customer loyalty points. Multiple Locations – kroger.com

2  Giant Eagle 21.1%

3  Whole Food Market 16.6%

2014 Results:


23.44% of 3,877 votes
Whether you say it the regular way or the Ohio way (colloquially possessive, “Kroger’s” is still wrong), people have been hitting up the Cincinnati-based chain for more than a century. Now, with upgrades like the shiny new market-tropolis at King and High, there’s even more reason to go Krogering.
Multiple locations, www.kroger.com

2.  Whole Foods Market 22.69%

3.  Giant Eagle 20.12%