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Best Irish Pub


30.6% of 3,983 votes

An homage to the oldest pub in Ireland, this Ohio chain has remained atop the list by sticking to the simple staples, and the good times flow as fast as they can pour the Guinness. Throw in a few Americanized touches, like the renowned $1 burger night, and Brazenhead isn’t in any danger of giving up the brass ring in this category. 
Multiple Locations  |  hdrestaurants.com/brazenhead

2  Byrne’s Pub 18.1%

3  Fado Irish Pub 15.4%


2014 Results:

Brazenhead Pub

25.91% of 2,582 votes
The concept of an Irish pub in the Midwest is a simple one, but it ain’t easy to do it this well. The drinking surface itself comes from the Emerald Isle – Guinness tastes great anywhere, but it tastes best here. Multiple Locations, www.hdrestaurants.com/brazenhead

 2.  Byrne’s Pub 15.96%

 3.  Fado Irish Pub 12.16%