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Best Dry Cleaners

Swan Cleaners

38.1% of 2,218 votes

Swan Cleaners has scrubbed away its competition. After 80 years of excellent service, this local business still masterfully erases stains, presses pants, repairs shoes, and delivers your wardrobe fresh and clean to your doorstep.
Multiple Locations  |  swancleaners.com

2  $1.99 cleaners 16.5%

3  Dublin Cleaners 14.9%

2014 Results:

Swan Cleaners

25.94% of 1,727 votes
This issue is heavy with food and drink, and after indulging in C-bus’s finest, you’ll need a solution for the resulting stains. Enter Swan: breathing new life into spilled-upon blouses and trousers.
Multiple Locations, www.swan cleaners.com

2.  $1.99 Cleaners 14.94%

3.  Callander Cleaning Company 11.81%