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Best Dive Bar

Char Bar

28.5% of 3,354 votes

There is something poetic about getting drunk in a gritty locale. It’s the reason why the masses flock to the dive bar—to escape the pomp and pageantry of the hip bar scene. Char Bar provides the minimalism and well-worn appeal that dive junkies crave. Nothing fancy, just booze, a scratched-up pool table, and a haunted/creepy basement bathroom. 439 N High St.

2  Bob’s Bar 19.5%

3  Beck Tavern 16%

2014 Results:

Char Bar

15.96% of 2,488 votes
Tucked into a location where it should be swankier; serving beers that should be craftier; mixing drinks that should be illegal – these are the things that make Char a dive. In a city where “dive” is a popular motif, they do it best.
439 N High St.

2.  Bob’s Bar 11.94%

3.  Beck Tavern 10.45%