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Grandview Mercantile

22.1% of 3,131 votes

Reusing items your grandparents or even your great-grandparents arranged in their living room (or at least giving that impression) is all the rage now, and Grandview Mercantile is feeding that trend with interesting and unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else.

873 N High St.


2  Crate and Barrel 14.4%

3  FrontRoom Furnishings 14.3%

2014 Results:

Grandview Mercantile

21.41% of 2,256 votes
The keen-eyed, style-savvy hunters flock to the Short North staple in search of a one-of-a-kind addition to their domestic mis en scene, from a rare Warhol changing through the doors, or the perfect little oak something-or-other. Even more keen: keep an eye on items that stay on the floor for longer, and hope to snag them at a discounted price.
873 N High St.,

 2.  Value City Furniture 20.79%

 3.  Crate & Barrel 14.67%