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The Big Day

Janean + Andrew Date: 10.15.16 Venue: Glen Echo Ravine Photography: Rachel Joy (racheljoybaransi.com) We’re pretty sure Janean and Andrew have the wedding some couples dream of: ohmygodjustgointhewoodswithafewfriendsanddoit! But their wedding wasn’t just a get-it-over-with quickie—it…

Food & Drink
Photo by Collins Laatsch
Photo by Collins Laatsch

Platform Steps Up

We believe in good beer, and the idea that beer can go way beyond its liquid form. And that, in a nutshell is the pitch for Platform Brewing, whose community-minded approach to craft brewing now has a taste…


Hello, Dali!

Every now and again, something so fantastical comes across my radar and I just want to share it with the world. Such is the case with the Salvadore Dalî cookbook. I desperately wracked my brain…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard
Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

The Sweet Smell of Success

Editor’s note: We kept hearing how good Adam Lehman’s hand-roasted coffee was, so we decided to do a story. When we showed up at his Wonder Jam studios, he was so jacked up, he asked…

A & E
Photo by Ryan Miller
Photo by Ryan Miller

Within Range

When Peggy Kriha Dye seized the opportunity to reshape Columbus’s premier opera company as its Artistic Director, she not only brought a new artistic vision to the stage, but also sought to change its aging…


Black & White

Winter in Ohio isn’t gray. It’s actually black and white. Yes, the two can often create the muddy, murky hue that consistently covers our skyline, but this month, (614)’s fashion section breaks down the root…