Must Read
Photo by Brian Kaiser

Human’s Best Friend

Columbus charity forges community service through low-income pet aid In some cases, it’s just a small bag of kibble. But what people take away from their interaction with Faithful Forgotten Best Friends is much larger—and…

Food & Drink
by Brian Kaiser


Has Columbus reached peak BBQ? That might seem the case, but then again, when you build it—be it taco stands or beer halls or juice bars—they will come. And on this, the opening day at…

by Megan Leigh Barnard

Concrete Garden

A trek from East Broad across the Mighty Scioto River on to West Broad will tell the tale of two Columbus boroughs existing adjacent from each other but in very strict dichotomy. On the east…

Titus Arensberg by Megan Leigh Barnard

The Future of Food (Is Now)

Living with a gluten intolerance means sacrificing warm and gooey chocolate chip cookies, my mom’s mouth-melting dark chocolate cake and everything bagels smothered in cream cheese, all for the sake of a happy and functioning…

Photo by Megan Leigh Barnard

Cocktail Curiosity

Chad White doesn’t look like what you’d probably expect from the founder of the Ohio Rum Society. He lacks the sailor’s swagger and pirate’s pedigree some mistakenly associate with the world’s most versatile and diverse…

Photo by Brian Kaiser

All Tarted Up

Mad Moon sprinkling new tastes into cider scene Peter Moon took a bit of a risk when he decided to bring craft hard cider to the Columbus market, ostensibly competing with a tough craft beer…

A & E
A Night at the Theater, Michael Guinane

Good Works

Art doesn’t just imitate life—you can’t have one with the other. And while healthcare may be one of the hot-button political issues of our time, there’s no denying this important fact: while our government debates…


Black & White

Winter in Ohio isn’t gray. It’s actually black and white. Yes, the two can often create the muddy, murky hue that consistently covers our skyline, but this month, (614)’s fashion section breaks down the root…