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by Anastasia Markova

ColumBest 2017!

Eight years and counting. That’s how long we here at (614) have been categorizing, grouping, voting, ranking and awarding the best of the best here in the capital city. The tastemakers, the faces of media;…

Food & Drink

Over the Mountain

How Matthew Majesky built a pierogi paradise “What’s a pierogi?” “…” We at (614) Magazine realize that our discerning foodie readers would scoff at such a question, but my delivery driver asked this in earnest…

Plates without Borders

Pop-Up Perú’s mission to think outside the taco Sit down, relax. I’m going to tell a story. When you think of the quintessential Peruvian dish, as seamlessly blended into American cuisine as spaghetti or fried…

Photos by Megan Leigh Bernard


I think you could call this a “full-bodied” pour. Our local beer purveyors have always been a collaborative bunch, but this spring they’ve found an extra inventive way to set our city’s craft scene apart from…

Photos by Brian Kaiser

Restaurant: Quintessential

Columbus’ food scene changes as frequently as restaurants change their menus. What used to be a city largely known as a home for chain restaurants and strip mall one-offs is now seeing its food experiences…

A & E

Black & White

Winter in Ohio isn’t gray. It’s actually black and white. Yes, the two can often create the muddy, murky hue that consistently covers our skyline, but this month, (614)’s fashion section breaks down the root…