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101 on 451: Absinthe

There has always been an interesting relationship between the producers who distill spirits and the bartenders who sell them to the public. Between them, you will find a veritable army of distributors, representatives, marketing agencies,…

A & E

See Them Roar

It all started with a Post-It, smacked defiantly on the wall of the Cultural Arts Center during the “You Call That Art?” exhibit of 2013. Part of the all-Ohio show featured a 25-foot timeline detailing…

Photo by Nick Fancher

Goodnight, Owl

I don’t particularly enjoy watching movies alone. For me, having another person to kick around with and reflect on the impeding action or drama makes the experience more valuable. Well, in the golden era of late…


Black & White

Winter in Ohio isn’t gray. It’s actually black and white. Yes, the two can often create the muddy, murky hue that consistently covers our skyline, but this month, (614)’s fashion section breaks down the root…